... the parts of the plot will come together. And, it is only then that we can achieve what goes beyond the power of one (person, company, sector...).
Social Sustainability and its focus on quality of people’s life is the necessary cogwheel of the sustainable investment in our future because everything starts and ends with people. This resides in their values, beliefs, knowledge, undrstanding how they communicate and cooperate, how they live and grow.

W!SE helps corporations and other relevant stakeholders to maximise the positive impact of their investments in sustainable social programmes.

W!SE focuses on four main areas of work:
  1. Knowledge sharing about ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria and their importance for sustainable practices.
  2. Listing requirements — W!SE advises Publicly Listed Companies on how to improve their social sustainability performance and their Annual Sustainability Reports in the areas of social sustainability investments, data collection and results presentation. We assist corporates in identification of new areas of work and creation of new partnerships. W!SE helps corporates move from the discomfort zone of compliance to the opportunity zone of sustainable social performance.
  3. Establishing or restructuring corporate/private foundations — W!SE assists private companies, SMEs and individuals in setting or restructuring their foundations and CSR departments, defining their objectives, setting up their funding mechanisms, processes and procedures and other work methods, as well as necessary partnerships.
  4. Providing knowledge and capacity building training — W!SE provides trainings and coaching in the areas of development of social empowerment programmes, monitoring and evaluation, setting up of quantitative and qualitative impact indicators, and defining the appropriate assessment tools.

W!SE aspires to mainstream meaningful, accountable and sustainable investment in social development in Malaysia and the South East Asia region.

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Email: office@wise-a.com

Working on Impact
and Social Empowerment